Who are we?

Hope Central is a resource center located in East Ashland, Kentucky.  We point the way to services that people need, whether that is job training, continuing education, or utility assistance.  We partner with over 800 local organizations in order to point people in the right direction to take the next step in their lives.  Recently, we have come under the banner of Neighbors Helping Neighbors (more commonly known as "The Neighborhood), a multi-organization collaborative care agency that specializes in crisis-focused care, such as getting someone back on their feet or stabilized.  We then act as the development side of that process, helping clients continue on their way to self-sufficiency and independence.  We do this through education, job searching and training, and resource finding.


Our educational program focuses on GED Prep and collegiate entry assistance; however, we can provide tutoring for students of all ages by appointment and life skill classes for our community (cooking, parenting, financial planning, etc...).


Hope Central hosts a plethora of options for people who love Jesus and are seeking to quicken (bring life to) their faith. The following are ministries of Hope Central that YOU can be involved in : GROW Team (urban garden youth team), GED/ACT prep, ACTS Team (presentation of Christ via performing arts), Baby Bank, and counseling.

Our Mission

Here at Hope Central, we want to help people.  Plain and simple.  We do this by coming alongside an individual to help them take the next step in their lives, whether that is finding a job, studying for the GED, or seeking counseling.  Everyone has a next step in their lives, and we want to help you find and take it.  We partner with over 800 civil, government, and faith-based organizations in order to fill the needs of everyone who comes through our door.  If we can't fill the need, we sure know who can.  This allows us to "fill the gaps" and point people toward the organizations that can provide help in crisis situations while we focus more on the development of that person to point them to a brighter, hope-filled future.

We don't just do this because we like doing it (although we do).  We do this to fulfill what Christ commanded His servants to do in John 15:17 when He said "This I command you, that you love one another."  This is why we do what we do.  To show Christ's love and follow His command.


How can you join our mission?

We realized early on that there are many wonderful organizations, groups, and individuals that provide our community with many amazing services! Our goal is to provide services that do not exist while utilizing those that already do.  We use volunteers, resources, and available options from all benevolent organizations and individuals.  We would love for you to join us in our goal of providing hope and guidance for the future of our area!