Who are we?

If you need immediate help...





You go to a place where you can find that help.

Hope Central can help you find that place. We are a resource center and, as a member of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors partnership (known as "The Neighborhood"), we can point you to any one of seven other organizations that can provide the emergency care that you need.

Plus, if you have other questions...

Educational questions...

Parenting questions...

Expongement needs...

Literally any question that you don't know who to ask....


We are your local, in person resource to connect you with whatever service for which you may be looking! As a partner organization with United Way's 211 service, we can get you pointed in the right direction, and in touch with the right people! 

But we can take you one step further...

Once your emergency needs have been met, you can come back to Hope Central and we help you take


We believe that God created everyone for purpose. We use the resources of our 800 plus partner organizations, our development programs, counseling, and soft skill/life skill training to help you find that purpose.

Don't just exist... LIVE!

Let us help you find what you are looking for ...

Let us help you find your PURPOSE.


Skills U, BankOn, plus so much more...

Connected with the

Kentucky Educational Development Corporation and the Boyd County UK Extension Office, the Hope Central options for training are EXTENSIVE!

We can help you get a GED, connect you with college classes at Ashland Community and Technical College, learn how to balance a check book, or even give you homeschool advice!

You can find a class on crochet, or practice your hand at growing tomatoes... you can even work on soft skills like resume building and management techniques, or learn about financial peace through the BankOn of Northeast KY program.

Hope Central is dedicated to helping people find the education they need in order to take the next step in their lives.

Contact us to let us help you reach that next step in your life!




Hope Central is a place to be encouraged! 

We have many "on-site" programs and options to help you get to that NEXT STEP.

GROW Team meets once a month from spring until fall, teaching you how to grow and prepare healthy food for you and your family.

Christian Counseling services are available for those struggling with issues that may seem insurmountable.

Our Baby Bank is a collaboration with Two Hearts Pregnancy Center and The Dressing Room to provide clothing and supplies for the "in-between" sizes for children 2 years old through second grade.

Our ACTS Team is a Christian based, vaudevillian type theatrical troupe that can perform at functions for any audience with juggling, sketch comedy, and music. We ALWAYS are looking for new talent!


Call or stop in to see what's new!


Our Mission...

According to the book When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, there are three types of charity:




Relief is for emergencies... You will die without it.

Rehabilitation is for stabilization... You will return to crisis without it.

Development is after, so that the crisis never returns... You will become the relief for others.

Hope Central works in development.

When Rob and Renee' Parsons came to Central Baptist Church in 2014, the congregation was very low...like single digits. Rob was asked to come and help close the church, which has served on Bath and 29th Streets in Ashland since 1929. He said he didn't know how to do that, and that they would "just study God's Word until we couldn't".  With seminary like study sessions, and a stepping back from traditional church ministry outlets, the church didn't close...instead, it grew! Not by leaps and bounds, but by one disciple at a time. As new people came in, Rob noticed these people were in need. They were asking for relief type help...they needed rehab... and they wanted things that the church - which had dwindled over the years - had no resources for. Renee' knew that there were agencies that could provide these things, and with some searching, the church could simply point people in the right direction. This often included pointing people to other churches so that they could be better served by the ministries in those congregations. Once this started to happen, people would go get the help they needed, then return to Central to find out what to do NEXT.

The congregation at Central began looking at its community with a missionary's eyes. Just as if they were entering the darkest parts of a third world country, they began to ask real questions about how they could better serve the community they were called to reach, and better ways of getting the Gospel to the people.

What were the actual needs? What was the culture? Who do we need to partner with? How can we be more effective? How do we build COMMUNITY?

The answer became Hope Central... what started as a handout with a map and some agency names on it, soon turned into a resource center with numerous partners, programs that fill gaps where services did not exist, and a philosophy based on Proverbs 23:18, that states," Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off."

East Ashland has suffered from generational poverty, loss of employment, and the Opiod crisis. It can be a challenging place... some even say a God forsaken place.

As Jonathan Brooks states in his book, "There are no God forsaken places, only church forsaken." ~Church Forsaken, Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhoods

East Ashland has a hope... In fact, EVERYONE does.

Hope Central has the answer.

God has not abandoned you...He is right where He has always been.


How can you join our mission?